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Fleximodo story

We are experts in IoT, miniaturization, long-distance communication, space-qualified electronics, and telecommunication technologies. Our team develops cutting-edge and state-of-the-art technologies - leveraged also for Fleximodo smart parking solutions. Fleximodo brings high-precision and cost-effective IoT for sustainable & efficient parking.

Enabled by modern IoT networks we try to digitize as many parking slots as possible under the motto: From analog to digital. To accelerate digitalization, we have developed modular IoT based smart parking hardware and software tools. And we go even further with our newest parking management solution → - supported by Fleximodo products.

Our long-term development and innovation effort has paid off, we have become one of the leaders in smart parking, with global reach. Fleximodo is active in over 50+ countries and our footprint is growing.

Our approach is characterized by an extra effort to understand the clients or project needs and propose optimal and efficient smart parking solution. Our team (tech, sales, customer support) is ready to assist you in various requirements and special needs.

The story of the company begins in a non-governmental organization - the Slovak Organization for Space Activities developing its own stratospheric probe and the first Slovak satellite, a CubeSat named skCUBE - launched into space in 2017. With this legacy we have decided to bring rocket science into urban challenges, such as urban parking.

Fleximodo story