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Why fleximodo?

10 reasons why our IoT Parking Sensors

Best accuracy
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LoRa certified NB-IoT certified IP68 certified IK10 certified ISO 9001 certified ISO 14001 certified ISO 27001 certified ISO 45001 certified


Does the sensor under consideration offer any features beyond tracking occupancy in parking slots?


Electronic permitting feature (identifying who is parking)

The Fleximodo IoT Parking Sensor incorporates an advanced feature that seamlessly pairs it with an IoT Permit Card placed inside a vehicle (sensor ↔ card communication), enabling precise identification of the vehicle through secure authentication protocols. This feature ensures that only authorized vehicles can access the parking slot. In case of violation, the parking enforcement (e.g. city police) can be promptly notified to take appropriate action.


How advanced and accurate is the decission-making capability of the sensor being considered?


Triple sensing of occupancy and event-based approach

Occupancy tracking is a critical aspect of our system, and we have implemented a sophisticated decision-making mechanism that relies on three independent measurement parameters. This multi-sensing approach enhances the accuracy and reliability of occupancy detection, surpassing a certified accuracy rate of over 99%! Unlike sampling-based approaches, our event-based system can effectively track even the fastest parking changes (common in city centers), ensuring that every parking event is recorded


If tracking data is important for your specific use case, it is essential to inquire about the "data consistency" of the sensor being considered?


Data consistency assured

Fleximodo's IoT infrastructure is built to withstand network outages, guaranteeing the preservation of valuable metrics even during disconnections. Our resilient system ensures that data integrity remains intact, eliminating the risk of information loss upon reconnection. Moreover, our customers are promptly notified when the network is restored, ensuring accurate and reliable data is consistently available for analysis and decision-making purposes. Achieving this level of reliability requires a robust backend system.


Are you delivering projects with a service-level agreement (SLA) that requires the deployed infrastructure to be up and running? What about real-time monitoring capabilities?


Real-time monitoring

While most competitors lack a robust backend, Fleximodo offers a comprehensive backend system with precise monitoring capabilities. All relevant information from the sensors is consolidated into a single, user-friendly web application (dashboard), providing a transparent, real-time overview of the health of each parking sensor. Additionally, notifications can be configured to promptly alert stakeholders of any critical events or changes in the parking environment, ensuring proactive management and efficient operation.


If the parking sensors are intended for exterior use, it is crucial to consider their detection resistance.


Detection of every event, not only occupancy in real time

Our sensors are meticulously engineered to deliver highly accurate and reliable detection capabilities. They can effectively handle busy parking scenarios, such as one vehicle replacing another immediately. Leveraging advanced technologies and Fleximodo's robust backend system, our solution ensures that every status change within the parking facility is accurately captured and reported, enabling precise occupancy tracking, unlike most parking sensors that track based on time sampling (like once a minute or similar).


If you plan to deploy a large number of sensors, require the ability to connect remotely to the infrastructure, and inquire about the "remote control" option and its maturity.


Complete remote control

Fleximodo's IoT Parking Sensors can be efficiently controlled remotely, facilitating seamless firmware updates through over-the-air (OTA) transmission. Whether updating the entire system or specific parts to preserve battery life, manual interventions are eliminated, and thus you save valuable time and resources. Furthermore, our system enables the convenient downloading of detailed onboard logs for comprehensive analysis and troubleshooting purposes.


What is the robustness of the sensor you are considering? Especially outdoor sensors must withstand various conditions because of weather or the changing surrounding environment (heavy traffic, trams passing by).


Adaptability to local conditions and environment

Fleximodo sensors are designed to operate seamlessly in noisy environments and varying weather conditions. Equipped with various operating modes that are enabled automatically, our sensors consistently deliver accurate results regardless of external factors. This adaptability ensures optimal performance, allowing reliable parking management outcomes even in challenging environmental conditions.


If your use case involves critical operations like payments or enforcement, having a helpful indicator such as a confidence level is crucial.


Confidence level implemented

Our system surpasses simple event reporting by providing a confidence level for each occurrence. This feature is particularly valuable in critical operations such as payment processing or enforcement actions, where the likelihood of an event plays a vital role. The probability score enhances decision-making capabilities, enabling more effective and informed actions based on reliable data.


Do not overlook the installation process, as it is a vital part of the solution. How easy or complex is it to deploy and install the sensor infrastructure?


Seamless deployment

Deploying our sensor infrastructure is a streamlined process, thanks to our standardized installation procedure and installation app. Our sensors, including the user-friendly MINI variant, can be effortlessly installed without drilling or extensive modifications. This plug-and-play functionality minimizes installation time and disruptions, ensuring a smooth and efficient deployment experience. Additionally, our STANDARD version includes installation adapters (inground & onground) to further streamline the process, allowing non-technical personnel to carry out the installation and de-installation procedures.


If you require direct backup from the manufacturer of the sensor and prioritize the quality of support, it is crucial to inquire about the level of support provided and response times.


Dedicated support

At Fleximodo, we are proud to offer dedicated support to all our customers. Our team provides clear guidance and prompt assistance through the JIRA SERVICE MANAGEMENT ticket system, ensuring that any queries or concerns are addressed within one hour. We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to deliver exceptional support throughout the entire journey, from initial setup to ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting.